More Sous Vide Style Cooking

I’ve been trying out the Sous Vide technique with new meats the past few weeks. I’ve tried chicken, salmon and tri tip. There is such a difference in taste, it’s amazing! Feels like I’m making restaurant quality meals with such little effort. The risk of overcooking virtually goes away as you simply sear the Sous Vide cooked meat on the BBQ for a minute per side. I highly recommend it!

This was a cajun chicken meal I had for lunch the other day. By 8:30am the frozen chicken had made it’s way into the water bath and by 11:30am it’s ready to be seasoned and quickly seared.


Grilled chicken seasoned with Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute.

SV chicken

The first time I tried salmon it was a little too flakey to transfer to the BBQ to finish it off. But, there’s an app for that! The Anova app includes a guide to help you determine the temperature of the water bath depending on how you like the end product to be. I’ve resorted to using the broiler for salmon to prevent it front accidentally breaking and sliding through the grill grates.  I like my salmon pretty basic, this one is sprinkled with Italian seasoning before broiling and topped with a veggie hash (zucchini, mushroom and olive). I like including olives or artichoke hearts to give it a little zing.



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