What is your GOAL?

I love this concept of moving AWAY from a goal weight always being LESS than you were yesterday. Does that number on the scale change your mood for the day? Do tight pants make you feel shame and guilt?

I am pro-scale when it is used as a tool. Your weight IS supposed to fluctuate as a sign of a healthy metabolism. Your weight will, no doubt, fluctuate with sodium or alcohol intake, restroom usage and strength training. Women, your weight IS supposed to fluctuate with your hormones throughout the month.

The best advice is to disengage from that number and not let it define you.

And maybe that number you have in your head as your #GoalWeight is not what’s ideal for you. Maybe you can be open to a number which is, dare I say, MORE? After all, it IS just a number.

What do you think will happen when you see that number on the scale? Fireworks will go off? All the stress will leave your body? Your kids will stop fighting? You can, all the sudden, handle every curve ball you are thrown with ease now that you weigh X?

What if you were content with where you are today? What if you weren’t constantly looking for something to “fix”?

Make your GOAL to fuel your body with adequate energy to POWER you through your day. Not just GET THROUGH or SURVIVE your day. Knock it out of the park! Show today how AWESOME you are by using FOOD as ENERGY.



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