I have found that many people are fascinated by what I eat. I can’t say I think it’s all that exciting, but I thought I would share with you my day’s worth of food, every now and then. Couple things before I start:

I don’t eat dairy products and haven’t for 2 years. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t unless of course you’re vegan or it doesn’t agree with you, which I found to be the case with me. I use to eat yogurt daily along with milk and cheese and it was a big change for me to cut it out.  However it makes it a little easier when the food makes you feel bad. Anyway, I do drink regular almond milk and a protein fortified almond milk from Orgain.

I tend to eat small meals throughout the day, when possible. A typical day would be meals at 7:30, 10:00, 12:30/1:00 (Sometimes I train at noon so lunch is later), 3:30, 5:30, 7:30. Evenings can get busy as I’m driving kids around to activities, but meals always happen whether it’s before, after, or in between.

99% of my days start like this. Sometimes it’s peanut butter, sometimes it’s ½ a banana, but it’s been a part of my day for as long as I can remember. Some days I eat it as a pre-breakfast snack :).


Today I had it with a slice of wheat sourdough bread. I also ate an egg and 2 egg whites scrambled and an Orgain almond milk latte.


Next meal was oatmeal made with almond milk, hemp seed, chia seed, raspberries and cinnamon. Most days I have some version of this with fruit or I may add nut butter and banana to it.


My kids think it’s funny that I eat so much for breakfast, often joking that I’m on my 5th breakfast for the day. BUT, they are so proud of themselves when they eat a big breakfast too – just like mom.  I do tend to front load my day and eat the most in the mornings, but also try to save a snack for after dinner. Also because I LOVE breakfast foods and could eat them all day if I had to!

Lunch was a leftover pasta with sauce and asparagus from a dinner 2 nights ago. I made an extra serving that night, so I could have a meal ready to go for another day. I also had a clementine and every day I drink 8 oz of Kombucha.


Next up, 2 tacos with ground meat and pico de gallo. These taco trucks are pretty handy too!


After picking the girls up from school I made a smoothie with ½ a frozen banana, 1 Tbsp of almond butter, 1 cup almond milk, and spinach. This is my version of a peanut butter moo’d from Jamba Juice. Have you ever had one of those? So good, but I like to make my own. My kids like them too.


Dinner was a big Cobb salad. I used my Instant Pot to make the chicken and hard boiled eggs earlier in the day. It also had bacon and avocado on it. I’m not a huge dressing fan. I feel if the salad is well made and has lots of ingredients, the dressing drowns it out and I’d rather taste the ingredients than the dressing. Anyone with me on this?! Especially if there’s fruit in the salad – fruit in salad is the BEST! If I do use dressing, it’s a store bought balsamic vinaigrette or sometimes just a flavored vinegar.


After Dinner, I had ½ of an RX Sea Salt Chocolate bar and another clementine.

IMG_7931I also drink tons of water – about a gallon a day.

So that’s a wrap for this day, stay tuned as I will be sharing more days in the upcoming weeks.

2 thoughts on “#WhatIEat”

  1. Hi Lisa ~
    I enjoy reading your Real Food Authority posts and have learned so much from the information you provide. I love that you have links to certain products you use and recommend. I also love that you really do eat real food and food that’s readily available in most grocery stores. I have a couple of questions regarding today’s post. Is that bacon or turkey bacon in your Cobb and what blender do you recommend to make your smoothies? Oh, and one more, is it ok to eat eggs every day and when you have eggs, do you limit it to one yolk?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Lisa LaRocca


    1. Thanks for your comment Lisa 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying reading my posts. It is real bacon on the salad. Nutritionally, there isn’t a huge difference between the two types of bacon. Regular bacon has a little more fat (3.5g vs 3g) and has more protein (6g vs 2g).
      I use a Vitamix to make smoothies as it is very powerful and makes a nice consistency to drink. I also have a Magic Bullet that works well if you are not blending a lot of frozen things.
      I love eggs and eat them daily. They are a very nutrient dense food. Recent studies have shown that eggs help to increase your HDL (healthy cholesterol) and improve your cholesterol profile. Three eggs per day is a good rule to follow. On occasion, I will eat an omelet with 2.5-3 eggs, but it’s not a daily thing. There has been research showing that those with diabetes should limit their egg consumption. These are great questions, Thanks!

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