Instant Pot First Take

I wasn’t totally sold on putting the Instant Pot on my Santa Wish List this year. After all, I have a slow cooker, so why do I need an Instant Pot too?

Well, was I ever wrong. I’ve only made 2 foods so far, but I am blown away by the time saving aspect of this and the taste has been on point.

Yesterday I decided to make up some burritos to freeze for quick and easy lunches. I would usually make these with leftover meat on hand, but alas we didn’t have any. I effortlessly took chicken breasts out of the freezer, cooked them up in the Instant Pot and 30 mins later I was on the burrito making assembly line. Ah-mazing.

Today I pre heated my oven to make some sweet potatoes only to turn it off when I remembered I could try them out in the Instant Pot! Exciting morning at our house 🙂  I had a Japanese sweet potato left over from one of those meal delivery services that I added in as well as a regular potato and a sweet potato just to try them all out. Add 1 cup of water to the pot and place the potatoes in a steamer basket. They steam for 10 mins and then sit in there for 25 mins as the Pot releases the pressure. Seriously, the best potato ever. So soft and favorable, just perfection. In-credible.

So, if you have not had the pleasure of owning one of these, I highly recommend it. Here is the one I have. Or, if it’s still sitting in the box under the Christmas tree, please unbox it and start Instant-potting!

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