Keep Calm and Eat Food

Clean Eating started out meaning things like minimally processed, not packaged, whole, real food, and cooking at home.

In the door comes misinformation and a new diet is formed.

If you’re not eating clean, you must be eating dirty, toxic food.  You eat something unclean, it must sit in your colon for years until you cleanse it out.

These are trends, fads, a way for the dieting industry to create an irrational fear, rather than an even basic understanding of science and evidence.

Cold pressed juice is still concentrated sugar. However, it’s considered clean.  The long list of ingredients in the frozen yogurt you treated yourself to yesterday makes it not clean.

“Clean Eating” can be a form of disordered eating.  I’d love to see this terminology fade away as it also encourages shame and guilt when “unclean” food is eaten.  Let’s hear about that molten lava cake you thoroughly enjoyed last night, but not how bad you were yesterday because you ate “it” and how you’ll be paying for it at the gym today. If you want to change the culture, start with you. (Cue Man in the Mirror song). It’s gonna feel real good, I promise.

Lose the labels – good, bad, clean, toxic.  Educate yourself.  Make smart choices. Your goal can be an excellent diet, but don’t strive for a “perfect” diet. You can achieve good health and perform well with a balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods, and enjoyed in moderation.


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