Real Food Authority

Let’s be REAL.  Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. You may know people who fit on the extremes of not caring what goes into their bodies (the human garbage can) vs. strict control over everything consumed (raw food diet).

I strive for BALANCE in everything I do…not too much…not too little. I do believe in taking a whole foods approach when choosing food to fuel my day.

That doesn’t mean I eat zero processed foods.  You will find a packaged food (fig bar, Lara bar, Grab the Gold Bar) in my purse or middle console of my car for those times when I just can’t wait until I get home.  However, this is a better choice than stopping at a Fast Food joint or the nearby convenience store.  It’s a better choice than waiting until you get home and then eating anything and everything in your site.

These choices you make on a CONSISTENT basis is what defines your overall diet (diet meaning what you eat in a day).

My hope is that you follow along with me as I navigate through life’s daily challenges and offer tips on how you can choose your way to a HEALTHY LIFE.

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